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Your Expert Guide on Maintaining Commercial Roofing in Atlanta, Georgia Each Season


Your Expert Guide on Maintaining Commercial Roofing in Atlanta, Georgia Each Season

Commercial roofing maintenance is heavily dependent on the weather, and there are certain steps you should take before and during each season in Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia Roofing & Paving can provide you with the maintenance and inspection services you need year-round.

Reach Out to Atlanta Roofing Companies for Spring Inspections

Spring is typically the best time of year to carry out a thorough inspection for any damage that occurred during the winter months. With plenty of rain, you won’t have any trouble noticing leaks. Want to spot problems early on? It’s best to get an annual inspection in spring from reliable Atlanta roofing companies A good roofer will inspect for:

  • Leaks and holes
  • Drainage issues
  • Damaged flashing
  • And more!

Always make sure that you’re going with a team that’s licensed to make sure that you get the best results. After all, you wouldn’t want to have important commercial roofing repairs get overlooked!

Dealing with the Summer Heat

Many commercial roofing systems struggle with heat and humidity, so summer is a season where you could see your roof become damaged. This is particularly true when there’s a major difference in day and night temperatures, which can cause constant expansion and contraction patterns. During the summer, you should keep an eye out for:

  • Roof membrane blistering
  • Signs of leaks inside the building
  • Cracked or peeling caulk

For the most part, you likely won’t need extensive maintenance in the summer months. However, you should schedule a brief inspection to identify signs of serious damage before it can lead to the need for roof repairs.

Consider Fall for Roof Replacements and Repairs

If you need Atlanta commercial roofing contractors for either a complete replacement or significant repairs to your commercial roofing system, early fall is one of the best times to do it. A brief stretch of decent weather without excessive heat or precipitation is the perfect time to carry out a replacement. Of course, as hurricane season approaches, you want to make sure that your roof is well maintained and able to stand up to high winds and rain. A professional inspection can verify that your commercial roof doesn’t have:

  • Membrane rips or holes
  • Poorly attached or unsealed flashing
  • Mounted equipment that hasn’t been sealed or secured
  • Loose or damaged gutters or other drainage elements

A little foresight can save you a lot on storm damage repairs. A company that specializes in commercial roofing in Atlanta, Georgia, can make sure your roof is well prepared.

Getting Ready for Heavy Rains in Winter

During the winter months, you can expect heavy rains and maybe even a bit of snow on occasion. The rain is the real concern, as any leaks in your roof can quickly allow for the roof itself and underlying structures to become severely water damaged. Make sure that any potential storm damage has been dealt with leading into winter.

For buildings in Northern Georgia, you can also find yourself dealing with ice dams. When temperatures are below freezing for an extended period of time, water can accumulate and freeze in drainage components, creating ponding water on the roof. Make sure that all your gutters and drains are free of leaves and other debris.

No matter which season of the year it is, you need roofing repair contractors that you can rely on. As soon as you notice any problems with your roofing system, reach out to Georgia Roofing & Paving! We’ll help you diagnose and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.