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Learn How to Protect Your Commercial Roof From the Effects of Winter


Learn How to Protect Your Commercial Roof From the Effects of Winter

Your roof is a huge investment for your commercial building.  While it protects your facility from the weather, it can only be completely effective if it is in top shape and prepared for the elements.  Winter is the most brutal season on your roof.  The frequent fluctuations in the temperature cause your roof’s membranes to shrink in cold weather and expand when it gets warm.  Not only that, if your roof isn’t adequately maintenanced, water and ice can pool on your roof and cause even more damage as it freezes and thaws.

It’s important to make sure that you take the extra time to winterize your roof so that you can avoid extensive damage throughout the winter.  Here are some ways that you and your trusted Atlanta roofing specialists can help you keep your roof safe throughout the winter.

Keep Your Roof Clean

Before calling your commercial roofing contractor, clear your roof of debris.  Going into winter with piles of leaves, tree branches, and twigs on your roof can cause severe damage. You should periodically clear debris off of your roof throughout the year to limit the change of damage.

When removing debris, you should also take a look at the surrounding areas of your building. If you see any tree branches hanging over your roof, cut them down.  If snow or ice accumulates on those branches, the increased weight can cause the branch to fall on your roof, possibly causing damage.

Get an Inspection

Next, schedule an inspection with an Atlanta commercial roofing contractor who can take a look at the condition of your roof and spot any obvious or subtle problems that need resolving.  It’s important to have your roof inspected twice a year, but you should also have an inspection if there is any severe weather that could cause damage to your roof.  These inspections can help you prevent problems before they occur and help extend the life of your roof.

During the inspection, your roofing specialist will take a look at things such as vent covers, chimney caps, and check for damaged or loose flashings, shingles, and tiles.  Your specialist will bring any issues to your attention for approval before completing any repairs.  It’s important to have suggested repairs made before something happens causing the need for emergency repairs later on.

Make Sure Your Drains Are Working Properly

Your commercial roofing contractor will also check to ensure that the drains on your roof are working correctly.  Since commercial roofs are not sloped the same as residential roofs, water cannot run off of them as efficiently and can get pooled on your roof. Therefore, making sure the drains work correctly and are not blocked or clogged will allow water to drain freely, decreasing the risk of it accumulating and damaging your roof.

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