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Why Professional Seal Coating from Atlanta Roofing Companies Makes a Difference


Why Professional Seal Coating from Atlanta Roofing Companies Makes a Difference

Flat roofing employs a wide range of materials to deliver effective protection for commercial buildings. Whether you’re using TPO, EPDM, or modified bitumen roofing, professional seal coating from Atlanta roofing companies could be just what you need for dependable, long-lasting protection.

Why You May Need Seal Coating from Atlanta Roofing Companies

The primary reason you need a good roof over your head is to keep out water. That’s why most homes have sloped roofs. The water can easily roll off shingles or tiles, this design provides straightforward protection, but it isn’t always an option for commercial roofs.

Flat roofing is often the best choice for larger commercial buildings, but it presents unique challenges as well. You want to avoid water pooling on the roof at all costs, and flat roofing includes additional drainage measures for that. However, there’s still a risk of standing water that could lead to roof damage.

A seal coating adds an additional waterproof layer to the roof. This means that the roof is protected even when water does pool. Water can eventually seep through most roofing materials, but the seal layer provides extra protection that can prevent the need for roof repair in Atlanta due to water damage.

How Seal Coating for Commercial Flat Roofing Works

These coatings are typically made of a material like silicone or acrylic. They need to be elastic to avoid cracking from the natural movement of your building. Every building moves a bit, usually during contraction and expansion when temperatures change. With so much sun exposure, flat roofing can shift the most.

Many of these coatings also protect the roof by reflecting sunlight. This limits the thermal expansion and can lead to a longer lifespan for your roof. Seal coating from Atlanta roofing companies – such as elastomeric, rubberized, acrylic, and aluminum coatings –  could be just what you need to protect your commercial flat roofing by extending its lifespan for years to come.