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What’s in My Gutters? 4 Reasons Atlanta Roofing Specialists Should Inspect Your Gutters


What’s in My Gutters? 4 Reasons Atlanta Roofing Specialists Should Inspect Your Gutters

Your gutters play an essential role in managing drainage and protecting your home. You don’t want to discover issues only after they’ve already caused serious damage. Instead, here are 4 reasons why you should count on Atlanta roofing companies for a professional inspection of your gutters.

1. Sagging Gutters Lead to All Kinds of Trouble

Taking proper care of your gutters is just as important as any other roofing service. Even if you do typically handle cleaning gutters on your own, a professional inspection can identify more serious issues. Among the most important types of damage to identify quickly are sagging and bending in your gutters.

When your gutters aren’t maintained properly, they can start to sag under the weight of water or debris. This sagging only makes the problem worse, providing a low point where water accumulates. 

Eventually, you’ll have standing water in your gutters all the time, leading to potential damage to your roof or even your gutters coming unattached completely.

2. Clogged Gutters Can Cause Serious Water Damage

When your gutters become completely clogged, you’ll have standing water in them for days or even weeks after every time it rains. This water can damage your roof in the same way as ponding water can lead to serious issues. Water can seep into the structure of your roof, causing rot, mold, mildew, and more.

A professional inspection from Atlanta roofing companies can identify gutter and downspout clogs quickly. Not only that, but it will be able to find the root cause behind the clog as well. If you’re dealing with recurring clogs, chances are something else is wrong with your drainage as well.

3. Birds, Rodents, Insects, and Other Pest Problems

Some of the most common gutter issues that you’ll have to deal with can come from pests. Your gutters can provide a relatively sheltered home for birds, rodents, or insects to build their nests. This habitation can lead to clogs and the same potential water damage issues.

On top of that, you must worry about those pests making their way into your home. Spotting signs of pest infestations early on is the best way to deal with them, and a professional inspection can identify even subtle signs.

4. Mold, Algae, and Moss Can Spread to Your Roof

Your gutters can provide a spot for moss, algae, and mold to grow. When leaves or other debris end up sitting in your gutters, they serve as a nutrient-rich and damp habitat for unwanted growth.

If you have moss, algae, or mold growing in your gutters, they can work their way onto and into your roof. Moss, in particular, is very destructive and the ensuing damage to your shingles will mean you’ll need roofing repair in Atlanta before long.

Don’t Put Off Your Next Gutter Inspection from Atlanta Roofing Companies

If something seems wrong with your gutters, you shouldn’t put off getting a visit from a professional. The damage that gutter issues can eventually cause to your roof is incredibly serious, and it’s much better to get an inspection today than to pay for roof repairs down the line.