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Learn How Ponding Water Impacts Atlanta Commercial Roofing


Learn How Ponding Water Impacts Atlanta Commercial Roofing

Ponding is the phenomenon of water pooling on flat roofs after heavy rains or major storms. Normally, even flat roofs have enough of a slope to encourage proper drainage of rainwater. If you explore Atlanta commercial roofing after rainfall and find ponding water, then it may be indicative of structural problems that could cause damage to your building. To learn how ponding water can harm your roof (and when to take action), continue reading below!

Vegetation Growth

Water is the lifeblood of plant life. The longer that water ponds atop commercial roofing, the more likely you are to witness the growth of your very own ecosystem. However, in this case, the miracle of life is anything but that. As moss, algae, and other plants grow, their roots can dig into roof materials and compromise the underlying insulation.

When roots dig into roofing systems, they introduce unhealthy amounts of moisture that are sure to compromise the structure. If left unchecked, then the cost of roof repair multiplies exponentially. This is because now, besides needing commercial roof repair, you will also have to pay for mold and mildew removal. Call on Atlanta roofing specialists to nip all plant growth in the bud.

Potential Collapse

Roof cave-ins are a true worst-case scenario for many building owners. Apart from costly property damage, roof collapses could also pose a serious injury risk to tenants and cause long-term evacuation of the building. All these factors add up to one thing: if your roof collapses, you may not be able to foot the plethora of bills that come in as a result.

How exactly does ponding water lead to something as severe as a roof collapse? Unlike pool liners, the materials of roofing systems are not completely waterproof. Over time, water saturation will increase, which adds more weight for the structure to support. Then, as materials begin to rot, combined with the extra weight, you must face the serious risk of collapse.

Frequent Leaks

Ponding water increases the likelihood of visible leaks inside the building. As roof materials deteriorate, they are more likely to allow moisture through. The good news is that spotting these leaks is a crucial diagnosis of the larger problem in and of itself. So, don’t make the mistake of leaving a bucket under the leak and forgetting about it. Instead, place a call to Atlanta roofing companies right away – they can stop the leak and resolve the issue at large.

Causes of Ponding Water

If you’ve found ponding water on your roof, then discovering the root cause is just as important as enlisting the aid of professional commercial roofing contractors in Atlanta.

  • If water is ponding near drainage areas, then the problem may be a simple clog. Make sure your drains and gutters are not being blocked by debris.
  • If roofing materials start to sag, then it will likely create “low spots” on the roof that collect water in spite of its subtle slope. Sometimes, these divots can be filled in with roof plaster to restore the slope of the roof.
  • If you have an old roof that was incorrectly pitched the first time, then you will likely need to overhaul the system so it can be properly sloped. Until that happens, old commercial roofs may struggle to correctly drain water.

Ponding water poses a serious risk to the well-being of your building and the tenants inside of it. The longer this problem goes unaddressed, the more likely it is to result in costly damages. Don’t wait until matters get out of hand! Attack these problems head on with the help of roofing contractors in Atlanta like Georgia Roofing and Paving. Get a free quote from us with one click today!