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Atlanta Roofing Specialists Share Top Hazards that Can Damage Your Roof


Atlanta Roofing Specialists Share Top Hazards that Can Damage Your Roof

Even roofs made of the toughest materials are susceptible to damage. Acknowledging these hazards can help you recognize when it’s a good time to call in the professionals. Here are the primary hazards that can have you calling for roofing repair in Atlanta.


Weather is at the top of everyone’s hazard list: homeowners, contractors, and Atlanta roofing companies. High winds, snow, and hail can all wreak havoc on an otherwise intact roof. And thunderstorms are notorious for bringing down power lines and trees that can do even more damage. 

Weather damage is a danger, regardless of your climate. General wear and tear from the elements is typical and often minor. But it’s crucial to have your roof’s health reviewed by a professional occasionally and after any big storms to confirm that your roof is in good condition.


While having algae problems is probably not on most people’s bingo cards, it’s a growing issue for many homeowners. Algae can leave unsightly streaks that discolor your roof and make your home look weathered. 

Unfortunately, algae problems can escalate quickly. If you suspect you have algae growth, contact a professional before the problem spreads.

UV Light

UV light is another unavoidable adversary for rooftops. Constant sun radiation exposure can cause shingles to crack and degrade. Homes that experience less sun could see their shingles in good health longer, but it’s inevitable that all shingles will fall victim to this harsh light eventually.

Call for Roofing Repair in Atlanta

While algae and UV lights indicate long-term damage, immediate tree or weather damage needs to be addressed quickly to keep your home comfortable. Partner with a professional roofing company if you’re not sure if you have roof damage. An expert’s simple assessment of your roof could save you a lot of time and money.