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3 Signs It’s Time to Consider Replacing Your Commercial Roof


3 Signs It’s Time to Consider Replacing Your Commercial Roof

What’s the best way to check a few things off your ever-growing to-do lists that many commercial property owners have to maintain? It always helps to recognize projects that need to take priority. 

And to respect your time and your money, it’s always good to be proactive. Here are some telltale signs that you should dial roofing contractors in Atlanta to discuss plans for a roof replacement.

1. Water Damage or Leaks

Water damage is a good indicator that your roof needs some attention. Even if you’re unsure if the leak or water damage is coming from your roof, it’s good to get a professional’s eye on it. And depending on the age, an Atlanta commercial roofing company may suggest that you replace the roof.

2. Signs of Animal Activity

Commercial properties can quickly become homes for various animals looking for protection from the elements. The animals can cause structural damage that weakens your roof over time, making it susceptible to other factors that could cause deterioration.

3. Age

Older roofs will show more wear and tear, but they can also affect the building in other ways. Depending on when it was built, the materials or structure of your roof may not be up to modern building and fire protection codes. So it could be beneficial for your bottom line and your building’s safety to invest in a replacement.

Call a Trustworthy Atlanta Commercial Roofing Company

You might not be a roofing expert, but you know how valuable expert information can be. If you’re ever questioning the integrity of your roof, you can call a commercial roofing company to help assess any possible damage. 

Companies will often try to restore the roof you have, but a qualified roof technician can recognize when it’s more cost-effective to replace the entire commercial roof. So don’t hesitate to get help from an expert so you can cross “roof concerns” off your to-do list for good.